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Unisex Reusable Face Mask With Breather Valve

This Unisex Face Mask With Breather Valve is made of skin friendly material which is breathable and comfortable to wear. A premium sports and dust mask with a versatile PM 2.5 filter for effective filtration of airborne particulates. Stay safe and protected without compromising fashion or all-day comfort. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.Adjustable elastic hook and loop strap, adjusts to fit most people for a snug perfect fit, every time. Mask stays in place without slipping off from your head/face while relieving the pressure or pain in your nose and ears.

  1. Four layers protection plus a filter protect you from 99% of particulates.
  2. For Adult use
  3. Double breather valve to improve airflow
  4. Designed for close fit
  5. Adjustable Nose Bar for secure fit
  6. Plug-in filter can not be cleaned, it is recommended to replace the filter twice a week.
  7. Final sale

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